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Technical Analysis Training

Learn systematic way of trading using technical analysis and master yourself in advanced techniques like Elliott wave, Fibonacci & Time cycles on charts of Equity, Commodities, and Currency markets, from one of the industry experts & transform yourself from being a novice to an expert trader by identifying the best trading setups. Our trainers are professionally qualified individuals with CMT (Chartered Market Technician) designation.
Training program is conducted for individuals, profesionals, investors, traders, and corporate groups.

Trainee-to-Trader Program

Earn while learning Technical Analysis

This program which will not only teach you the techniques of trading in markets (Equity, Currency & Commodity) but also provides an opportunity to Earn while learning to trade.


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Types of Courses:

Basic Course

This is a Beginners program takes you through basic topics of technical analysis, use of these simple tools to trade in live market.


  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis v/s Technical Analysis
  • Types of Charts and Scales
  • Dow Theory
  • Candlesticks patterns
  • Moving Averages
  • Trend lines & Channels
  • Price Patterns
  • Indicators
  • Fibonacci Retracements and Projections
  • Introduction to Elliott Wave Principle

Join Now... Duration: 10-12 Hours

Advanced Course

Seek an opportunity to gain an expertise in advanced tools of Technical analysis.


  • All Basic Course content +
  • Elliott Wave Principle in Detail
  • Combining/Confirming Elliott Wave with RSI, Fibonacci and other indicators
  • A Neo Wave Perspective –Introduction
  • Advanced RSI techniques for Trading
  • Fibonacci Trading System
  • Inter market Analysis
  • Practical insight on how to apply Wave counts on Stocks, Commodities & Currencies.
  • Risk Management and Position Sizing Details
  • Learn few of our proprietary Trading Methods

Join Now... Duration: 16-20 Hours

Elliott wave Course

Mastering Elliott Wave principle by identifying the wave counts in markets.


  • Basic Pattern
  • Extensions
  • 5th Wave Truncation
  • Alternation
  • Wave Equality
  • Channeling
  • Diagonal
  • Corrective Waves- Zig-zag, Flat, Triangles, Combination
  • Ratio Analysis–Finding Price Targets
  • Wave Count on various Stocks, Commodities & Currencies Course.
  • Confirmation techniques using RSI, Fibonacci and other indicators
  • Trade setups using Elliott Wave Principle

Join Now... Duration: 12-14 Hours

Harmonic Trading Pattern & Fibonacci Trade Set ups

Most Classical Technical Trading patterns are Breakout pattern and are more vulnerable to failure, whipsaws or false break. Harmonic Trading Patterns are reversals patterns which Identify Potential Reversal Zones to Sell when Markets are rising and Buy when markets are falling. These exhaustion trades give you the Best Entry to enter the trade (Sometimes right at the top or bottom) with an Amazing Risk Reward ratio. All technical analysis studies are Probabilistic in nature and there are always going to be few patterns which would fail. But the Harmonic Trading pattern offers a very good hit ratio with the pattern occurrence and will make you lose very little when you are wrong as compared to what you Gain when the Pattern Works. Fibonacci is the very foundation of the design of our nature which also works in Stock Markets. These magnificent Fibonacci combinations offer one of the Best Trade Set ups you can ever trade in all Time Frames using the Harmonic Trading.

Course Objective: Learn to Identify Harmonic Trading Patterns in all time frames and Trade the pattern with right Entry/Exit Strategy and Risk Management Techniques


  • Why Harmonic Trading?
  • Fibonacci Numbers and its Application in Trading
  • Identifying and Trading the Harmonic Patterns
    • a. AB=CD
    • c. GARTLEY
    • d. CRAB
    • e. BUTTERFLY
    • f. SHARK
    • g. CYPHER
    • h. 5-0
  • Trade Execution
  • Trade Management - Exit, Targets, Stop Loss, Pyramiding Strategies
  • Using RSI(Relative Strength Index) with Harmonic Patterns
  • Elliott Wave Principle Trade Set ups along with Harmonic Patterns
  • Putting it All together with Many Chart examples and Live Trades

Join Now... Duration: 10-12 Hours

Trainee to Trader Program

This is a 6 months program which will not only teach you the techniques of trading in markets (Equity, Currency & Commodity) but also provides an opportunity to Earn while learning to trade.

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