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COMMODITY : Lead Zinc Update 20140123

Base Metals have been in a broad range since a long time and we expect there should be  a steep move on the downside now. Lead & Zinc are the best bets for shorting. zinc update 20140123.pdf

Author : Vishal Dalvi. CMT

23rd Jan, 2014 16:04:01
EQUITY : Best Trade Setups using Elliott Wave Principle, Fibonacci & R
Godrej Industries Daily chart: Anticipated on 18th Nov

Elliott Wave Principle when used along with Fibonacci and RSI techniques can identify very low Risk Opportunity in stocks for fetching significant moves. Below are few examples of our Trades mentioned in  the Equity Report.

Author: Rishi Asrani, Senior Technical Analyst

17th Jan, 2014 14:44:01
EQUITY : The Equity Short term update:
Dish Tv Daily chart Anticipated on 27th Nov

Elliott Wave Principle when coupled with other tools like Candlestick and Fibonacci can fetch excellent trading setups with very low risk. Here is example of 2 stocks Dish Tv and Coal India which we covered in our Equity report recently

Author: Rishi Asrani, Senior Research Analyst.

18th Dec, 2013 15:59:28
GLOBAL : Nifty closed at an all time High !!! A Review of INDO-PAK upd
Sensex Chart published in INDO-PAK update on 20th August 2013

On 20th August 2013,we published a report titled "India Vs Pakistan - The Start of the Mega Bull Run" where we mentioned Indian Markets are poised for a similar run as the Pakistan KSE100 Index and we should soon start a Mega Bull run in India. Today, nearly after three months Markets are closed at an all Time High and we are up nearly 20% already from the August lows.

Author: Vishal Dalvi, CMT

09th Dec, 2013 15:52:20
EQUITY : SBIN v/s HDFC Bank Relative Strength Comparative
SBIN v/s HDFC Bank RSC Hourly chart Anticipated on 12th Nov which was published in our

This article was published in our daily "The Equity Short Term Update" where we anticipated SBI bank to outperform relatively than HDFC bank.

Author: Mithil Doshi

04th Dec, 2013 12:43:16
66 Week Time cycle

IDEA chart is displaying a precise Time Cycle of 66 weeks. Our study on Time Cycle & Relation Strength Comparison shows that the stock has some more upside and the out-performance will continue relative to Nifty & Bharti.

Author: Ritesh Patel

09th Oct, 2013 17:51:19
EQUITY : RSC- Relative Strength Comparitive can be an extremely effect
Hindalco / Tata Steel Daily Ratio chart

The best way to compare the strength of one security against a market index is to use the Relative Strength Comparison (RSC). The RSC actually compares a security's price change with that of a "base" or benchmark security here is an example picked from our daily report where we used Hindalco and Tata Steel.

Author: Rishi Asrani, Senior Research Analyst.

03rd Oct, 2013 13:49:52
IIP data & its implication

This article mainly focuses on how IIP data is calculated and how sectors contribute to give good/ bad IIP numbers & going ahead its implication on economy and financial markets.

Author: Ritesh Patel

26th Sep, 2013 17:20:07
EQUITY : The Equity Short term Update

Equity Markets have been the most challenging in September. Our Daily Report "The Equity Short Term Update" has helped our clients to catch the significant trend at right time and  book remarkable profits. Below report (published on 5th Sept 2013) captured a perfect scenario of accurate forecasting & anticipated happened.

Author: Rishi Asrani, Senior Research Analyst. equity short term update 20130920.pdf

20th Sep, 2013 10:54:36
COMMODITY : Trading on basic chart pattern can fetch you big money.
MCX Zinc: Hourly chart. Anticipated on 3rd Sept.

Basic knowledge on chart pattern and other technical tools can give oneself a big move in any asset class. Here is an example which we have published in our commodity report.

Author: Mithil Doshi.

13th Sep, 2013 16:01:18