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EQUITY : Near term bottom in Tata steel & Metal Index !!
Tata Steel 15min chart

Using Elliott Wave Theory & Relative Strength Comparative, we expect near term under-performance of Tata Steel & Metal Index bottoming out.

Author: Rishi Asrani, Senior Research Analyst.

22nd Apr, 2013 18:51:11
NONE : Book profits at regular intervals in current market scenario:

Market Expert Mr. Vishal Dalvi, CMT & Founder of Waves Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd Goes live today on Myiris to talk about Way ahead for INFOSYS,Midcap stocks to pick,oil prices,March inflation ,top stock picks,What Retail investors should do in current market situation.

Click on link to access the entire Interview

17th Apr, 2013 12:06:22
GLOBAL : Comex Silver time cycle update!!!!
ANTICIPATED ON 19th March 2013

The time cycle for comex silver worked to precision,helping us to capture almost 3600 points in MCX silver.

Author : Keval Doshi.

10th Apr, 2013 11:19:18
COMMODITY : MCX Crude- Why one should avoid NEWS while Trading !!!
MCX Crude Hourly Chart

News is always deceptive when you try and use that information for executing your trades. MCX Crude gives us a Live Example of how just using Technical Analysis you can avoid the noise made by News.

Author: Vishal Dalvi, CMT

05th Apr, 2013 14:21:24
NONE : Lead V/s Nickel Ratio update..
ANTICIPATED ON 7th March,2013

On 7th march 2013 we had shown Ratio Analysis on Lead v/s Nickel, which suggested Lead should underperform Nickel. The ratio analysis has worked to precision and we still expect the under-performance of Lead to continue relative to Nickel.

Author: Mithil Doshi

01st Apr, 2013 16:32:23
NONE : We have captured almost 10% fall for PNB in just 11 trading s
Punjab National Bank Daily Chart- Anticipated as on 13th March

On 13th march we had mentioned sell targets for Punjab national bank. Prices tested lower levels, exceeding our targets.
Author: Rishi Asrani, Senior Research Analyst.

26th Mar, 2013 21:25:26
NONE : Zinc at a crucial juncture!!!!
Zinc 22 Week time Cycle

We have seen fall in all Base Metals in this whole month. Using Time cycle analysis study we are expecting a trend reversal soon in Zinc...

Author: Mithil Doshi

22nd Mar, 2013 13:16:48
EQUITY : Bank Nifty does it once again !!!

We had mentioned in our previous update on 28th Feb that Bank Nifty should give a fall of around 700-1000 points based on our Time Cycle study.....The analysis has worked to precision.

Author: Rishi Asrani, Senior Research Analyst.

21st Mar, 2013 13:16:15
GLOBAL : Comex Silver should give the next directional move soon.
Comex Silver Daily chart

In a trending market it is important to trade at the right time to get a profitable trade. The mentioned time cycle date would give a topping/bottoming signal for Comex Silver till the next cycle date.
Author: Keval Doshi

19th Mar, 2013 18:56:59
COMMODITY : Gold 31 week time cycle.
Gold 31 Week time cycle

While COMEX Gold fall still looks corrective and may hold 1500$, MCX Gold shows some different story. Applying time cycles and channeling techniques shows weakness for MCX Gold.

Author: Mithil Doshi

15th Mar, 2013 12:31:08