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Fund Management Services/Profit sharing trading

  • Our Core focus is to trade & make absolute returns by identifying the inefficiencies in the Markets.
  • Several years of trading experience & our successful trading history gave us the confidence to manage significant fund size.

Fund Management Profiles

There are two ways in which a client can start his Fund Management arrangement with us.

 Fund management & trading:

Manage client's portfolio by executing trades at our end.

 Fund management & advisory:

Provide advisory on specific trades & opportunity in the markets.

1. Medium Risk Profile

2. High Risk Profile

3. Discretionary profile

4. Non Discretionary profile

    Medium Risk Profile:

  • Profile Features :

    Minimum Corpus Invested : 5 lac & above

    Risk − Reward : 15-20% draw down -35-40% return per annum
  • Drawdown of the Fund means at any point the Capital value would not go below 80%-85% of the starting NAV. Acceptable % Drawdown will be based on his Risk capacity & Return Expectation.
  • Fee structure :
    • Management Fee- INR 20,000 only
    • 20% sharing on the Net Profit post brokerage and other expenses at the End of every Month/Quarter.
  • Fund Management updates :Client will receive monthly performance status & updates via email.
  • Requirement & Procedure :
    • Client should have trading/Demat account.
    • The client and Waves Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd. signs a MOU in which the client authorizes Waves Research & Advisory to trade on his behalf.
High Risk Profile:
  • This is specially designed for Clients who are ready to take substantial risk in order to achieve above normal returns. High conviction trades along with prudent Risk Management techniques are used in order to protect Clients Capital while aiming for best possible returns.
  • Profile features :
    • Fee : Upfront Payment of Rs. 20,000/- & 20% profit sharing on a weekly basis. In a week whenever there is a Net Loss, Client will not be billed anything. Only when the previous losses are covered and fresh Net profits are made, 20% of the Net new profits will be billed to the client
    • For eg. Week 1 - Net P&L- Rs.( + 1,50,000/- ) Billable amount - Rs. 30,000/-
    • Week 2 - Net P&L- Rs. (- 50,000/-) Billable amount - Rs. 0/-
    • Week 3 - Net P&L- Rs ( + 1,50,000) Billable amount - Rs. 20,000/- i.e. (1, 50,000- 50,000) X 20%
Discretionary Profile: For HNIs & Corporate clients only

This is the combination of Fund Management & Advisory services where account remains with client. Phone advisory & trades specification will be given on the basis of quantitative studies & market sentiments.

  • Profile features :
    • Minimum Corpus Invested : 25 lac & above
    • Risk & Return : Acceptable % Drawdown will be based on the Risk bearing capacity & Return Expectation of the client. Hurdle rate of return per annum will be decided as per the risk-reward ratio.
    • Legal Contract/Authorization will be made.
    • Fee structure : 1% Management fee & 20% of profit generated above hurdle rate specified.
Non discretionary Profile: For Prop trading, Fund managers & Institutional clients.
  • Automated system based trading advisory will be given to all those who require strong research & analysis while taking significant decisions in markets.
    • Sector Analysis using Relative Strength Comparative
    • Long Term Forecasting − Using Elliott Waves, Time Cycles & Fibonacci Projections
    • Updates on Important levels for Stocks for multiple timeframes
    • System based Buy & Sell Signal for Stocks & Index
    • The biggest enemy to your trading success is emotions which tend to be one of the biggest hurdles that traders have to overcome to make money and if eliminated can produce not only great profits but consistent returns.
    • We have devised 3 trading systems which work brilliantly well in Markets and work on different time horizons and objectives.
      • Waves Bias System (Nifty Futures ,USDINR Futures Trading)
      • Waves Cross System (Trading all in one)
      • Waves Option Challenger (Nifty Options, USDINR Options Trading)
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