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Outsourcing Research Solutions

Outsourcing Research Solutions

We as an independent research house provide unbiased quality research .Let our specialized team carry out the financial markets forecasting & daily research work while you can focus on core business activities.
Our clientele for Outsourcing Research solutions includes Institutions, AMCs, DPs, Fund Houses, HNIs, Brokers, Sub-Brokers & Fund Managers.

1. Research Reports : Brokers/Sub-brokers for their Retail & Institutional clients

Customized Daily, Weekly, Monthly Research Reports, Intraday reports,Long term investors reports, Special reports

  • Equity Report

    "The Equity Short term update" publishes Daily Nifty Outlook along with best trading opportunities available in selective stocks.

  • Commodity Report

    Get short/medium term view on MCX Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude and other commodities in our "Commodity Short term update"

  • Currency Report

    "The Forex Short term update" will publish forecast on USDINR along with other cross currencies EURINR, GBPINR, JPYINR.

  • Global Research Report

    Get crucial trading levels, analysis for International exchanges like COMEX, LME , NYMEX along with Global Indices

2. Technical Research Support : To Fund Managers & Institutional clients
- To add an extra tool to your research
  • Sector wise recommendation using Relative Strength Comparative
  • Inter market analysis & Long Term Forecasting using Elliott Wave, Time Cycle etc.
  • System based Buy & Sell Signal for Stocks & Index
  • Updates on Important levels for Stocks for multiple timeframes

3. Research Desk Outsourcing : To Brokers, Dealers, Sub-brokers
  • Phone advisory assistance : Institutional clients, HNI, NRI’s, Fund Houses

    This is an exclusive service provided to institutional clients. Market outlook, opportunities, Short- long term view & market forecasting will be discussed & shared.

  • Trading Calls & Updates : Brokers/Sub-brokers

    Intraday & Positional calls, significant resistance & support levels along with target price of favorable stocks/commodities & currencies.

4. FOREX Desk Outsourcing : TO EXIMs
- Advisory beyond trading
  • Forex Advisory & Commodity Hedging: Export-Import houses, Merchants, Shipping Corporation,

    We advice to mitigate the forex risk through hedging strategies, in order to protect corporate from huge losses.

5. Non-Discretionary System Based Research support for Corporate accounts : Brokers, Institutions
  • Non discretionary Support /views for the existing positions in portfolio along with research based positional insights for stock selection & allocation for a medium to long term horizon.
  • Institutional Fund managers directly connect with us to take high conviction trades & get full-fledged customized research used to comprise a portfolio & further reviewing process to achieve efficient returns/Hurdle rates.