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Trainee To Trader Program

Practical knowledge holds the key when you learn anything new in Life. At Waves Research we always believe in imparting the best practical knowledge for students and traders who want to enter into the field of Technical Analysis and Trading. In order to achieve this goal we have introduced this program where in we not only teach Technical Analysis to our students but also do hand holding and push them in the field of Trading. Markets teaches you much more than any book or a teacher can teach and hence we introduce you to the Greatest teacher we know - The Markets!!!

Program structure

The program is divided into 3 parts

#1. Course on Technical Analysis.     Weeks

We would do an extensive classroom teaching on Technical Analysis and cover basic to advance techniques.
To equip you with the tools in order to plunge into the Markets for Trading.

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#2. Hand holding Simulated Trading     Month

Once you are equipped with the essential tools for Trading we let you undergo a Simulated Trading program where in you do Paper Trading and get a glimpse of the Real World of Trading. Here is where we train you how to tackle the biggest enemy of yours while you trade - "Emotions". Psychology and Emotions plays the most important aspect for a trader. You may not be a master of all the topics of Technical Analysis; but if you are master of your own emotions you may conquer great heights in Trading.

We also focus on the Risk Management aspect of trading and teach you various tools and techniques for deciding your Position Size and Stop losses.

#3. Trade in our Proprietary Funds     Months

Do what we all want to finally do; Trade and Make money. We not only let you trade, but share 10% of the Profits with you. This is the only course which gives you an opportunity to cover your tuitions fees.

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