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1. Waves Bias System (Nifty Futures ,USDINR Futures Trading)

This system takes positions in Nifty/USDINR Futures on both long and short side based on the criteria developed by us. The system always keeps you in the Market in the trending direction and never misses any big trending move. The number of trades in the system is relatively higher depending upon Daily Nifty close. The system generates an average return of 25-30% per annum.

2. Waves Cross System (Trading all in one)

This System is designed to capture medium- long term trends and generates lesser but very strong signals. It keeps you intact in the larger trend. The win ratio for this System is extremely high and has history of generating around 40% return per annum.

3. Waves Option Challenger (Nifty Options, USDINR Options Trading)

This system trades only in Nifty/USDINR and selected Stock Options based on our proprietary Option Strategy. It takes position at the start of the contract with further addition/deletion of few positions based on Market movement while running month and is closed at the end of the expiry. The system works phenomenally well in both trending and sideways market and assure a return of 3-5% per month with a maximum downside of 0.5-1% per month. The system needs a minimum investment of 25 lacs and a minimum time horizon of 1 year.

We assure you guaranteed returns in this strategy .The expected total value of the portfolio will be equal or more than 40 lacs by the end of the year.(approx.60% return per annum)